The Distillers
City Of Angels
Drain The Blood

What Up Yo.

Happy New Years, to and yours.
Wishing you all a great 2014.

Have you ever heard of The Distillers? Hard rock band out of LA, fronted by female vocalist and writer Brody Dalle?

You have now.

The Distillers broke up and Dalle has gone on to front the band Spinnerette, which is also pretty nuts.
She hails from Australia, writes & performs most of both bands tunes.

I post this to inform anyone who isn’t familiar…

Because the songs are rocking,
Her voice is killer,
The band rocks,
Her voice is killer,
She is basically the genuine article…she is what Courtney Loves pretends to be,
Her voice is killer,

The first 2 videos are official. The last one is from Brody’s website and is of The Distillers at NYC CBGB.

City Of Angels:

Drain The Blood:


Live At CBGB’s:

Thanks to THE JEFF PUNK & ZOMBIE for sharing these in HD.

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