The Walking Dead
Season 9
Rick Grimes’ Final Episodes

What Up Yo.


You killed his on-screen son off. What did you think was going to happen?

Actor Andrew Lincoln announced his exit from the second most watched show on television, The Walking Dead, a few months back now.

I don’t like knowing too much about what’s happening behind the scenes of a series I watch or a film. It takes me out of the experience. But sometimes  you can’t get around it.

This is one of those times.

When Andrew Lincoln dropped the news that he was out…I wasn’t surprised personally. Maybe you were? I mean, I was upset. I, like many of you, have watched TWD since night one. Lincoln as Sheriff Rick Grimes woke up in a hospital bed in a vacant hospital.

He made his way out of his room and saw:

He met his first zombie or “Walker” soon after.

Then we briefly met Morgan.

We met Daryl, Rick found his wife Lori, his son Carl and his best friend Shane.

He introduced us to Herschel, Maggie  and the farm.

We met Carol, her asshole husband and her child, Sophia.

This is before the prison. Before Michonne, The Governor, Terminus, Alexandria…

This is all way before the one, the only Negan.

But I’ve never seen anyone act there asses off so well for over a decade like Andrew Lincoln that it got to the point I questioned the actors mental health and sanity.

Well, that brings us here…season 9.

Rick Grimes’ final episodes as they are promoting it.

Jeffery Dean Morgan voiced his opinion of Carl’s early demise saying he thought it was wrong to kill the character off.

I knew others must have felt the same way.

Chandler Riggs, the actor who played Carl handled it very professionally.

But in the comics on which the series is based, Carl lives to be the leader.

So to kill him off for shock and awe, ratings, whatever…it didn’t sit well with many.

No public declaration has been made by Lincoln that his choice had anything to do with the plot line

It’s all me just speculating.

Anyway, I digress.

Here are the new posters for The Walking Dead Season 9 and teasers and trailers.

It drops October, 2018.

TWD 9 Trailer

TWD 9 Teaser

Andrew Lincoln on final season – Comic Con, 2018

The Walking Dead Artwork

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