Brian De Palma’s
Mission: Impossible, 1996
1080p Blu-ray V 4K UHD

What Up Yo.

It’s one of my top 20 favorite movies of all time.

The original Mission: Impossible , 1996.

It is one of my favorites because of the director and screen writers.

De Palma is a master director who has somehow become less and less mentioned as time goes on.

This is the man who gave us 1976’s Carrie,

He gave us Dressed To Kill in 1980

Scarface in 1983

The Untouchables In 1987…and I’m just skipping around through my mind here

Script was written by Robert Towne. Think Roman Polanski’s Chinatown, and uncredited writing  on The Godfather.

Tom Cruise and his production partner at the time Paula Wagner  we’re creating a franchise  They weren’t leaving anything to chance hiring the best talent in Hollywood.

However something happened between De Palma & Cruise/Wagner during shoot and I do not believe Brian De Palma completed directing the film. Tom Cruise made a statement at the time saying something to the effect of:

“Things happen when you’re making movies “

I will write or podcast  a little bit more about this later because as I write this…Thoughts are pouring through my head.

Blu-ray and UHD

The greatest aspect of the new 4K, UHD Disc format is that many Of these films coming out were transferred to digital mediums for DVD and Blu-ray.

What that means and short is that these films are all being struck from the original negatives For their new 4K presentations.

Now I’ve created a video here that compares the Blu-ray edition of the original Mission:  Impossible to the newly transferred version on 4K UHD Disc.

I will be honest and say I did this for myself but then thought others might be interested so see below and tell me what you think watch it in the highest resolution you possibly can.

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