Once Upon A Time In Hollywood
The Ninth Film By Quentin Tarantino

What Up Yo. I may go silent, but I’m never going away. Here are the two trailers and key art for the new film by Tarantino, starting Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio. It drops July 26, 2019… And received a four minute standing ovation at the Cannes film festival this year. Trailer Teaser Key-Art

Thrones, Thrones…Thrones.

What Up Yo. So… We are all currently in the midst of watching (experiencing) the final season of Game Of Thrones A few thoughts after the forth episode which aired last night: Sansa and the Hound.  “Little Bird.” The Starks at the tree.  “Swear it.” Gendry & Arya.  “I’m not a Lady…” Tyrion.  “Please…” The power and hold it has on us all as we watch these fantastic moments being dropped week to week.  And these Mondays… When we all catch our breath before getting punished again on Sunday night.  Watching this saga come to an end… We are all in […]

Francis Ford Coppola’s
The Outsiders
Original & The Complete Novel Comparison Video

#TheOutsiders #FrancisFordCoppola #CarlindaCoppola #SEHinton #RumbleFish #MattDillon #PatrickSwayze #RobLowe #CThomasHowell #RalphMacchio #TomCruise #DianeLane In 1983 Francis Ford Coppola made two films back to back, The Outsiders and Rumble Fish. Then, in 2003, he cuts a new version… And it’s called: The Outsiders : The Complete Novel This is referring to the novel, the source material by author S.E. Hinton. He added 20 minutes of new material, new footage, and changed the entire score of the film. The score conducted by Carmine Coppola, Francis’s father by the way. The film we grew up on… The original film … Has been unavailable for […]

How To Cut A Teaser Trailer: 101
Quentin Tarantino’s
First Teaser Trailer For
Kill Bill, 2003

What Up Yo. We hadn’t seen anything like this when it came out. For a teaser trailer, the influence this had on pop culture at the time was massive. This was back in the early days of the internet. At the beginning of the internet explosion, the dawn of the digital age, when people had one computer in a household…if that. This teaser appeared when people began to watch movie trailers at home on their computers, over very slow internet connections be it via a dial-up modem or 10 mbps broadband internet connection if you lived in one of few […]