The Extraordinary
Dave Chappelle

What Up Yo.

If you haven’t seen these, dear god.
Dave is a comic genius. His show was legendary, he turned down a 3 year $50 million dollar contract on principle… some say crazy, I say respect.

I included 3 segments below. I could have done a ton more. A ton.
2 of the segments are from his show and mention needs to be made of Charlie Murphy, Eddie’s brother. Charlie cracks. Me. Up.

Dave knew comedy, and knew that simply filming the story wouldn’t do it justice…he needed to show you Charlie telling the stories first hand.

Thank god for the internet…I’ve embedded them from the Comedy Central website below.

First is the Rick James stories…Parts 1 & 2…
Next is the Prince Basketball game…

Finally. is the 1 hour stand up HBO special from Dave Chappelle “Killin Em Softly which is pretty much up there with Eddie Murphy’s “Delirious” for me.


Rest In Peace Charlie Murphy…

Charlie Murphy • Rick James: Part I

Charlie Murphy • Rick James: Part II


Charlie Murphy • Prince


Dave Chappelle Killin Em Softly

Dave Chappelle [1600 x 1289] (1)

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