Sean Penn
Robin Wright
Ed Harris
Gary Odlman
State Of Grace

Instantly he is back in love with her, as she is with him…and they begin to get close again.

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Jackie doesn’t suspect anything is wrong with seeing his old friend again, he is too elated and is trusting of the people close to him to a fault.

They see their old friend Stevie (John C. Reilly), who is having an issue of his own with a faction of the Italian mob he owes  money too. They are roughing him up and both Terry and Jackie jim in and beat up the Italians together to defend their friend.

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They think nothing of this.

Terry then goes to see Frankie and asks if he can get back in the gang.

Frankie is hesitant, and has his right hand man, Nicholson (R.D. Call) check on Terry’s drug deal story to make sure he is ok.

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Slowly, Terry begins to get sucked back into the life he ran from 10 years ago and his inner struggle begins to wear him down.

The Italians that terry and Jackie beat up to defend Stevie is brought up at a preliminary meeting between the Italians and Frankie. They take the behavior by all three as an insult and they command Frankie to kill Stevie.

Frankie has big plans, and is way out of his league here…he must do what he is being told for the deal to go through. This will make him incredibly powerful, but he must act the part…and his crew must act the part to pull this of, but Stevie is a loose cannon, as is Jackie. Their behavior won’t be tolerated and while Frankie at one time would never have turned on his gang, he is a different person now.

Terry can see this in him, but Jackie cannot.

Frankie and Nicholson kill Stevie,

When Jackie finds out Stevie is dead…he goes berserk.

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Instead of claiming responsibility for it, Frankie blames it the italians.

Jackie now wants their blood.

Terry knows Frankie did it, he gets on to an empty subway and meets his commanding officer to debrief him and begins to tell him he is having a change of heart…he wants out.

Soon afterwards, jackie sits alone in a bar, sad about Stevie when the italians that Frankie blamed for the murder approach him and offer a truce. They offer friendship.

They don’t know that they are all about to die. Jackie accepts their offer to sit and have a drink, and then opens fire and massacres the 3 italian capo’s right there in the bar.

Because of this, the italian mob demands a sit down with Frankie.

Fearing his own death, he instructs Terry, Jackie and the gang to wait across the street from the meet for him. He tells them if he doesn’t call them at a specific time, they should storm the restaurant and kill everyone in sight.

This…is a delicious scene.

Jackie is watching the restaurant like a hawk and waiting for a call from Frankie.

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Terry is hoping they kill Frankie. He knows the truth, he knows that Jackie will be killed for this if Frankie makes it out of that meeting.

Frankie doesn’t call when he is supposed, Jackie loads his gun and heads to the restaurant with the gang to avenge his brothers death.

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But Frankie is alive… and he signals his brother just in time.

Jackie walks away relieved, but what he doesn’t know is they have commanded Frankie to kill his brother, Jackie for the insult.

Frankie must comply or he will be killed.

Terry is now falling apart. While with Kate one night he confesses to her that he is a cop. She is horrified, but keeps his secret.

I love everything about Robin Wright here. Her hair. Her black leather jacket. Her fire.

When she tells Terry she has spoken to her shrink about everything, Terry stops her and asks her to repeat what she just said.

He asks her to clarify:

“You told your shrink?”


“You told your shrink about me?”

Robins Kathleen stops for a beat…then announces:

“Of course I told her!!!”


So good.

4 thoughts on “Sean Penn
Robin Wright
Ed Harris
Gary Odlman
State Of Grace

  1. Wes Candela - May 20, 2017

    Totally. I’ve Heard of the complaints about the ending also but he loses Kate, he lost Jackie, he quit his job…

    Frankie was gonna pay.
    This was a personall vendetta now, he was going to do the one last good thing he could do, even if it killed him. Which it probably did.

    The beautiful thing about what you point out:
    the flashes of violence in the bar and the celebration in the parade,

    Is that at the end, he has freed Kate.
    We see that shot of her just devastated watching the parade…

    But really this was about his love for Kate and Jackie, making Frankie pay, and stopping him from ever hurting her again.

    So beautiful!!

  2. Gomorra76 - May 19, 2017

    I know the ending gets abit of flack from some people,but I love that ending! Switching between the St Patricks day parade,where people celebrate all things Irish,and the shootout,where Irish-American’s are basically destroying each other.Love that juxtaposition.

  3. Wes Candela - May 19, 2017

    Oh my god. You know what, I knew when I was writing this that I we getting forgetting something. Godfather III & King Of New York
    Thanks so much for the compliment.
    Love this movie. It’s huge to me. It gets overlooked too much. Wanted to pay it some respect properly.

  4. Gomorra76 - May 19, 2017

    Marvelous article and review! Couldn’t have said it any better myself.I actually prefer it to Goodfella’s.An absolute masterpiece!
    King of New York and The Godfather 3 also came out that year.Big year for gangster flic’s.

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