Sean Penn
Robin Wright
Ed Harris
Gary Odlman
State Of Grace

Terry goes to embrace her. To calm her down. Which works, she does calm down. For a moment.

She loves Terry. He was her first love, she wants to feel safe…but she has loyalty.

This guy is a cop. He is a rat. He is going to take down her family. He has put her in danger. The danger she tried very hard to get away from.

She flips.

“Get off of me!!!!I don’t want anything to do with you!!!”

She throws Terry, she has power.

This is Robin Wrights moment. She shines. She screams at this traitor. At this bastard, at the man she loves to death.

“You’re just like them!!!You’re just like my fucking brothers, you are!!! You think you can come to me whenever you fucking want!!!!!! And you just reach inside me and you just….,YOU JUST PULL!!!!! YOU CAN’T!!!!!”

“I love you. “

“You’re a liar, I’ve met you before…you’re a fucking liar!!!!!!YOU SHUT UP!!!!!!”



He has lost her…

He tries to explain to Jackie that he thinks Frankie killed Stevie, Jackie puts a gun to Terry’s head. He is insulted at them mere suggestion of his brother betraying his trust.

In a deceptive move, Frankie tricks his brother into going somewhere alone on a fool’s errand…

Jackie, happy he is not in trouble…agrees.

Jackie apologizes to Terry…tells him not to repeat that to him ever again…and asks if he will come on the supposedly important errand with him.

Terry hides during the meeting and tries to call his commanding officer from a pay phone as for back up before anything happens, but during this…Frankie pulls up, approaches a confused jackie and shoots him dead.

Terry runs over too late.

He knows Frankie did it.

When his commanding officer Nick finally arrives, Terry tells him to fuck himself….and quits.

At Jackies wake…he confesses to Frankie that he was at the meeting.

Frankie tells him not to start a war with him, it wouldn’t be smart.

“You want to know how smart you are?” Terry asks him

Terry hands Frankie his police badge.

“That’s how smart you are.”

Frankie opens the badge and all at once learns the truth, this fuck is a cop.

Terry goes into hiding…but goes to see Kate once more to explain that his first idea was to come back into the city, reconnect with Jackie and give enough information to take down the bosses and pull his friend out to safety.

Kate listens, then turns her back on him.

The next day is the Saint Patrick’s Day parade in New York City…Terry enters the bar where Frankie is and opens fire killing all of them and getting possibly fatally wounded.

The End.

Now, indulge me as I mention a few standout contributors to this film:

Gary Oldman

State Of Grace l [] [669 x 589] (5)The thing about Gary, Mr. Oldman is…he is fucking amazing.

This was the first film I saw his chameleon abilities in full force and they rocked my face off.

At that point I didn’t know he was English, I didn’t know he had an accent, I hadn’t seen the incredible performance he had given 4 years earlier in Alex Cox “Sid And Nancy”…
Sid And Nancy l [] [1468 x 2150] (1)

After watching him here, my brother in arms at the time Swan and myself (I was Hawk…for a minute…because we loved Bruce Willis in Hudson Hawk…loved) watched it over and over until we had the dialogue memorized. Because we were best friends, we both compared ourselves to Terry & Jackie (Sean & Gary respectively) and argued among ourselves about which of us was Jackie and which was Terry. A debate that would end with us both claiming we were the Jackie character…which at 17 for us two American kids, was the pinnace all of cool.

James Dean meets Mickey Rourke cool.

Gary played Jackie with a swagger, a heart filled with love and tenderness, naïvety and innocence, rage and loyalty. He stole the film. He owned it. You loved the character because of what Gary infused him with, honesty, dedication, he didn’t see himself as being lost, as being a trouble maker, because he was a victim of his environment. A character that we had seen as written many times, but when Gary gave himself over to the character, his performance elevated this tragic “best friend from the wrong side of the tracks” character to the one character you knew you could trust in the film if you had to choose.

4 thoughts on “Sean Penn
Robin Wright
Ed Harris
Gary Odlman
State Of Grace

  1. Wes Candela - May 20, 2017

    Totally. I’ve Heard of the complaints about the ending also but he loses Kate, he lost Jackie, he quit his job…

    Frankie was gonna pay.
    This was a personall vendetta now, he was going to do the one last good thing he could do, even if it killed him. Which it probably did.

    The beautiful thing about what you point out:
    the flashes of violence in the bar and the celebration in the parade,

    Is that at the end, he has freed Kate.
    We see that shot of her just devastated watching the parade…

    But really this was about his love for Kate and Jackie, making Frankie pay, and stopping him from ever hurting her again.

    So beautiful!!

  2. Gomorra76 - May 19, 2017

    I know the ending gets abit of flack from some people,but I love that ending! Switching between the St Patricks day parade,where people celebrate all things Irish,and the shootout,where Irish-American’s are basically destroying each other.Love that juxtaposition.

  3. Wes Candela - May 19, 2017

    Oh my god. You know what, I knew when I was writing this that I we getting forgetting something. Godfather III & King Of New York
    Thanks so much for the compliment.
    Love this movie. It’s huge to me. It gets overlooked too much. Wanted to pay it some respect properly.

  4. Gomorra76 - May 19, 2017

    Marvelous article and review! Couldn’t have said it any better myself.I actually prefer it to Goodfella’s.An absolute masterpiece!
    King of New York and The Godfather 3 also came out that year.Big year for gangster flic’s.

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