Derek Begins…#2
Ron Sheltons
Bull Durham

An experienced catcher and a sexy spiritual self healing baseball fan work together to help develop a young but wild up and coming pitcher on and off the field.

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Derek Begins…#6
Kevin Costner In Phil Alden Robinson’s
Field Of Dreams

Derek Begins…The 6th Baseball Film In Derek’s” Top Ten Baseball Films” Is The Masterwork That is
Field Of Dreams
“A perfect cast that exceeded expectations. It might not be a live action baseball film, It definitely hits home with the die hard baseball fan as all the events that take place in the movie are linked to the game’s past, present and what it will do for the future.”

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Derek Begins…#9
Kevin Costner in Sam Raimi’s
For Love Of The Game

Derek’s Top Ten Baseball Films Review Series Continues With Number 9…

Sam Raimi’s For Love Of The Game

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