The Podcast • Chapter 19:
The Return Of Oldboy
Act II

What Up Yo.

for Part II:•-ch…f-oldboy-part-ii/

Movie theaters, the audiences are dwindling

We discuss the de-evolution of movie theaters

Twin Peaks The Return

Oldboy recommends

Liar (UK Series)

Wes recommends

The Last Jedi

What the hell is Chewie sitting next to in the falcon in the trailer?

The Trouble With Tribbles 

I smell Marketing for Christmas 🎄

Oldboy Gets Tickets To Jedi Without Me

Rian Johnson

Brick, twists, will Rey go to the dark side. Will Finn be the next Jedi?

I mean…Brick?

Jurassic World…director off episode nine along with Rian Johnson

35mm Film in digital is approximately 150MP

The image resolution of a Digital Movie (2K-6K) is still nowhere near the resolution of 35mm film, Which is approximately 150 mega pixels per frame

Blade runner 2049

Oldboy of the the chronicles of Wes & Oldboy says:

“What a Film!!”



The kids are excellent

Lily Taylor we love you 


The Strain ends….

Mr. Quinlan

Rupert Perry Jones

THE STRAIN – Pictured: Rupert Penry-Jones as Quinlan. CR: James Minchin/FX


But Blade II
Guillermo delToro


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