Boardwalk Empire
The Final Season:
A Voices Review

HBO offers is the 5th and final season of Boardwalk Empire beginning on Sunday Sept 7.
This show packed a solid punch last season…

I say, prepare for greatness.

Voices highly recommends you take this final walk on the Boardwalk people.


Season 4

Last seasons “Homeland” was a heartbreaker. They did with everybody swore they wouldn’t do…
“How are they going to go on after this?” I was wondering…
I was foolish to worry.


Robin Williams
In Memoriam
July 21, 1951 – August 11, 2014

Robin Williams…1951-2014
Not an article I would have ever predicted writing.
Duke and I offer our thoughts within moments of learning iof his passing. I added 10 trailers and scenes of his work, and then I realized how much he had accomplished.
God have mercy on his soul.
Robin, find the light. Don’t get stuck here.


Have You Ever Seen Mike Nichols “Closer”?

Have You Ever Seen Mike Nichols “Closer”?
Dear God…this is what class act film making is.
Brilliant storytelling, great dialogue…but most importantly, Clive Owen.
“Have you ever seen a human heart? It looks like a fist, wrapped in blood! Go fuck yourself…. You Writer!”
Inside you’ll find scenes from film, HQ images and content from Alfonso Cuarón’s “Children Of Men” & the film “Love Actually”


Frank Grillo: The Real Action Hero

Frank Grillo is a real tough guy. He isn’t the tough guy you see on movie screens but a man who has fought for every role he has played in this world of make believe.

The Killing

Once Again,
Snatched From The Hands Of Death Himself
Why “The Killing”
Is Immortal

I’ve seen many shows I love get brutally murdered.
But to see “The Killing” take 2 in the back of the head twice and get left for dead…then to come back to life again and again…this should tell the naysayers something.
As we stand on the precipice of it’s return, I wanted to write a few words to celebrate it.
Take a moment won’t you…

Christopher Nolan

“Movie Theaters Will Survive” By Christopher Nolan

Submitted for your approval, each character lifted directly from the digital pages of “The Wall Street Journal” where they want you to pay a premium price to read Mr. Nolans words…
I stole this for you, I urge you to digest it.


Clive Owen
Steven Soderberg’s
“The Knick”

“The Knick” Steven Soderberg announced he was going on sabbatical from film a few years back …being sick of Hollywood politics getting in the way of his visual storytelling. He’s back. On television. The golden age people.

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

“Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes” | The Final Trailer

What Up Yo. I haven’t watched this yet, it was more important to me to get it up on the site first. “It was Duke!! It was Duke!!!” Got out of the subway. 2 emails came rushing in to two different email addresses. Then my phone rang. All within 20 seconds. He had just seen […]

James Gandolfini

1 Year Ago Today We Lost
Brother James Gandolfini

1 year ago today I was working in downtown Manhattan when alerts started popping up on my iPhone. James Gandolfini had died of a heart attack. I was shocked, crushed and needed to talk to brother Darrin (Desolation Angel) who was working a block away. This is his story.
Images and 2 tribute videos inside.
We love you James, we send our best to his family and love ons.


FX’s “Fargo”
This Is Amazing People

What Up Yo. I’m 7 episodes in. This is extraordinary. It’s is nothing like I expected. I walked in blind, that is how I prefer to walk into a series for the first time. Expectation set to low. I respected the film, but that’s about it. This… it is rocking my face clean off. High […]

Dumb And Dumber To

“Dumb & Dumber To”…Why Jim, Why?

I guess Jim needed a new house…2015 will bring the world the sequel to the hugely successful “Dumb & Dumber”. Why you may ask…
I was wondering the same thing, but as Hal Holbrook said to Charlie Sheen in Oliver Stones “Wall Street”
“Bud, the main thing about money…it makes you do things you don’t want to do.”

Sons Of Anarchy (VoicesFILM) [1012 x 1500] (1)

Blood, Loyalty, America | “Sons Of Anarchy”

Found this great video by xHeather360x cerebrating all 6 brutal and beautiful seasons of the gasoline drenched “Sons Of Anarchy” deep into the night yesterday and felt compelled to share with the troops.
In September, We Ride.


“Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes”
New Video & Artwork

What Up Yo. Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes is coming. Prepare. Directed by Matt Reeves Produced by Peter Chernin, Dylan Clark, Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver Screenplay by Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver, Scott Z. Burns, Mark Bomback Story by Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver Based on Premise suggested by Planet of the Apes by Pierre […]