The Peripheral
From Jonathan Nolan & Lisa Joy
Creators of “Westworld”

What up yo.

I’ve got another one for you you’re not watching and you should be.
It’s called The Peripheral, and it’s on Amazon prime.

Created by Jonathan Nolan, and Lisa joy… Showrunners of Westworld,  this one’s delicious.

Airing now, it takes place 10 years in the future introducing us to The Fisher family.
Brother Burton and his sister Flynne and their blind mother.

They live in North Carolina.

The way to make money in the new world is by playing VR games, of which Flynne is a master.

The brother, along with a few very tight-knit, ex-military friends guard and patrol the house and grounds.

When Burton comes home with a new VR headset, he asks Flynne to put it on and play.

She enters a game in his body, transported to London 70 years in the future.

But it’s a game, right?

Based on the novel “The Peripheral” by William Gibson, the show stars:

I promise, as I always do, this is worth it.

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