Michael Mann Presents Adam Driver In “Ferarri”, 2023

What up yo.
The thing about Michael Mann…
And the thing about Adam Driver…
Is that they are both fucking tremendous at their chosen crafts.

So to get them both together, making a film about Enzo Ferrari…
Especially after not having seen Mann for a while…

Well, it has got my attention. This is a year filled with the greatest filmmakers of our generation delivering us new films…new worlds to delve into.

Christopher Nolan, David Fincher, Michael Mann, Ridley Scott, Robert Eggers, Denis Villeneuve…
And the master…Martin Scorsese.

Back to Michael Mann.

Here is the first trailer for his new film,

“Ferarri” 2023

Enjoy, and let Love rule.

Trailer 2:

Trailer 1:





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