Black Mirror Season 3
Charlie Brooker Delivers The Black To Netflix

What Up Yo.

Charlie Brooker is the creator 0f the dark anthology series Black Mirror. It has been around for 2 (fucking brilliant) seasons, originally from Channel 4 in the UK, it has been picked up by Netflix for the series third season.

And the difference in production quality, episode count and  production value have all risen. Netflix has injected it with funds and the few American actors that make for a fantastic third season. 

I mention this because  I feel it’s important that the new audience members, which Netflix will surly deliver, watch the dark and hyper intelligent first two seasons of this series.

They deserve the attention.

The Anthology series was made for UK  audiences.

Series (Season) 1 & 2 were made in the UK, with a UK based crew and cast.

Beautiful and dark soul crushing stories that will have you screaming:

“What The Fuck!!”

out-loud at your TV, or bow ever you watch.  

It’s  “demented and sad….but fun.”

They have upped the production value here…but have also remained true to their British roots.

The stars have lined up for this series, (Check out Jon Hamm in the season 2 Christmas episode m…just hard core man) but not like I’m seeing in season 3. 

Watching Bryce Dallas Howard travel through the Twilight Zone-Esque Black Mirror’s first episode, NoseDive, she goes from the beauty we all know…to a dirty and destroyed version of herself was hysterical and heartbreaking. 

She’s desperate to acquire a higher social ranking on the one, ubiquitous social network we are all rates on in the “Black Mirror” Zone. 

Higher rankings mean better quality of life with all the pretty people. 

People have implants embedded into their eyes to allow gen to see other peoples ranking by looking at them. 

Anything between 3-4 is a mediocre life. It’s when you achieve a 4 and upwards that your life improves. No one we meet holds the ultimate 5 rating BTW, very smart writing. 

Basically, life is.m based on a whole new class system  in the world. And shows wheat length people will go to achieve a higher rating.

For Howard. It’s a step in the right direction for the actress. She simply kills it. 

And I noticed that Rashida Jones co-wrote the teleplay from a story by series mastermind Charlie Brooker. 

Well done Rashida. 

Below is a breakdown of the episode credits from the greatest website on the planet, Wikipedia.

List of Black Mirror episodes – Wikipedia

In September 2015, Netflix commissioned a third series of 12 episodes, which was later divided into two separate series, the third and fourth, each comprising six episodes. The third series was released on Netflix worldwide on 21 October 2016. As of 21 October 2016, 13 episodes of Black Mirror have been released, including one special, concluding the third series.

Black Mirror: Series 3

Episode 1:

Directed by:
Joe Wright

Story by:
Charlie Brooker

Teleplay by:
Rashida Jones & Mike Schur

Bryce Dallas Howard
(I have never seen Bryce better. Phenomenal)

Alice Eve

James Norton

Cherry Jones

Episode 2:

Directed by:
Dan Trachtenberg

Written by:
Charlie Brooker

Wyatt Russell

Hannah John-Kamen

Wunmi Mosaku

Ken Yamamura

Episode 3:
Shut Up and Dance

Directed by:
James Watkins

Written by:
Charlie Brooker & William Bridges

Alex Lawther

Jerome Flynn

Episode 4:
San Junipero

Directed by;
Owen Harris

Written by:
Charlie Brooker

Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Mackenzie Davis (This is Cameron from “Halt And Catch Fire” and she does exquisite work here)

Episode 5:
Men Against Fire

Written by:
Jakob Verbruggen &
Charlie Brooker

Malachi Kirby

Madeline Brewer

Ariane Labed

Sarah Snook

Michael Kelly (Kelly, as always, shines)

Episode 6:
Hated in the Nation

Written by:
James Hawes

Charlie Brooker

Kelly Macdonald (From Trainspotting & Boardwalk  Empire…always excellent and in the moment)

Faye Marsay

Benedict Wong
All three seasons are on Netflix here:

Black Mirror | Netflix Official Site

The sleek world of tomorrow offers opportunities beyond our wildest dreams. At a price out of our worst nightmares. Watch trailers & learn more.


Watch some trailers…

Then watch the show, this is nuts.

Every episode is a world onto itself.

There nothing else like it on the air.

Not for the squimish.





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Black Mirror S1 EP5-6

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