Brandon Lee
The Crow
Directed By Alex Proyas


When The Crow was released in 1994, I was positive we were on the precipice of change in Hollywoodland.

“This is what 1989’s Batman should have looked like.”

I thought at the time. I still think.

’94 was an explosive year for cinema and music.

We had Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, Natural Born Killers as interpreted by Oliver Stone from Quentin’s script, we had alternative music surrounding us.

A storm had come.

Brandon Lee tragically died on the set of this film, much like his father, Bruce Lee, had done while filming Game Of Death 20 years prior.

The look and feel of this film was a testament to new visual storytelling styles that were beginning to emerge in Hollywood.

This clip shows Brandon Lee’s Eric Draven coming back to life after his murder and that of his wife.

Hell bent on revenge as the memories begin to flood his mind, he would transform himself into a vigilante to seek vengeance on those who had killed him and his beloved.

He would become The Crow.

With The Cure’s song, Burn, playing… the scene was beautifully choreographed.

I found this beautifully understated poster online, created by an artist who’s name I do not know yet. I will put it in here once I have found out.

“Here Fun-Boy…”



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