Jordan Peele’s
Get Out

What Up Yo.

What Up…

Dude, the name “Jordan Peele” and the word “Horror” are not words you would put in the same sentence 1 year ago.


The “Peele” of Comedy Central’s Key & Peele…Jordon Peele has made a film.

This film…Is a 10.

This is a perfect film. A masterpiece. A hyper intelligent, dense, socially and racially unflinching film that is a fantastic example of storytelling from, start to finish.

The main actor, Daniel Kaluuya, is a British actor I first saw in the UK series:

The Fades

A BBC series that resembles the Cinemax series Outkast, his eyes were incredible. they never left me.

He is a born actor.

The next time I saw him, he was in an episode of the UK series Black Mirror, another solid performance.

But here, he tears the screen apart. Between the tight direction, his performance, the pacing, concrete storytelling and the specific information the audience is given moment to moment…we, the audience, are toyed with as his character Chris is throughout the film.

Wha I can tell you without spoiling this for you, and the is a The Sixth Sense type debut from Peele, is that you think you know where this is going.

You don’t.

Chris is dating Rose, played by HBO’s Girls actress Allison Williams. Chris is black, Rose is white. We meet them right after the opening scene of the film as they are about to leave to stay the weekend at Rose’s parent’s house for the weekend.

During the drive up, Chris calls his friend,  TSA Officer Rod (a hysterical Lil Rel Howery) and Rod mentions that he would never go to the parents house, that Chris is basically in for an uncomfortable weekend with upper middle class white parents.

Chris hangs up on him, he doesn’t want to hear it, he knows what he is in for and has been reassured by Rose that her parents, Dean (Bradley Whitford…good to see him again) & Missy (Catherine Keener…awesome. Awesome) are not racist in the slightest.

When they pull in to the estate, a black groundskeeper,. Walter, (Marcus Henderson…the nighttime run. hahahaha) glares into the car at Chris, and after meeting the parents and being pout at ease by them, he is introduced to Georgina (Betty Gabriel…dude, whoa), the housekeeper, who also stares at him intently. Eerily.

He learns that Missy uses hypnosis to cure people of additions, like smoking, ands is great at it.

He’s ok when the offer is made to him. noting to weird until Roses brother Jeremy shows up, played by Caleb Landry Jones.

Ever see the excellent The Last Exorcism?  The son, Caleb? That’s this guy.

All grown up, just as creepy.

So that night, after a pleasant but kind of tense night, Chris wants a cigarette…on his way back upstairs, he bumps into Missy, who is in her home office sitting having tea. She has Chris sit with him and brings up the smoking again, then suddenly brings up the death of Chris’s mom.

So then…


That all I’m saying.

Listen, I don’t watch films twice in 24 hours often. The last time I did that was when I first saw JJ Abrams Star Trek. I was positive I would hate it.

I didn’t.

This film, once it ended, it stayed with me all night, all day straight to last night, and I turned it on again, this time asking my wife to watch it.

I needed to know her take. Hitchcock passed everything by his wife, Alma. She is my Alma.

She loved it…and she hates horror movies, but this isn’t a horror movie, this is a highly effective movie length episode of The Twilight Zone, and that my friends is a compliment I would never pay anything unless it achieved the highest order of perfection.


Get on this people, seriously. This is what the American movie industry has been lacking for a long long time in my opinion. You can study all the elements of this film that appear, social, racial, the precision with which its revealed to us.

It’s fucking High-Octane, Gasoline drenched beautiful.

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