Harvey Weinstein Is A Serial Rapist
Why is he not in prison yet?

The bombshell report that unleashed the truth about Harvey Weinstein.



What bothers me most about this misogynistic pig fuck is that we are hearing from the women that fought him off.

We are hearing from victims who’s names we know from the movie world.

But what about all the victims who haven’t come forward?

Who’s names have never appeared on movie posters.

Take away the fact that this guy is a Hollywood producer…


And what you have is a serial rapist that’s been active for 30 + years.

Preying on vulnerable women.


Why does this fucker not have handcuffs on him yet?

How many others did he rape, terrify, threaten and take advantage of?

How many victims are there?

Why is he not being put in jail?

This has been an issue in Hollywood for decades, possibly since its inception. And it isn’t just woman who are victims, it’s children, male and female, it’s young male and female actors trying to get footholds in the business that are preyed upon.

And this is common knowledge to those who have been aware of the tales.

But for every movie star we have heard from, for every person that has stood up against him, how many others victims remain?

Is there some magic number that has to reported before legal action is taken?

How many people did this asshole rape?

He needs to be sitting inside a prison cell.

God bless the brave woman who have come forward publicly.


You want a massage #HarveyWeinstein ?

Once you’re locked up, you’ll get all the massages you’ve ever dreamed of.

Lock this predator up now.



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