Season 4

What Up Yo.

At the end of last season’s Homeland people fucking died.

It had been a slow, agonizing season up until that point..

Then the end “happened”…

And it justified our entire journey.

I didn’t know how it would continue after that, but I was stupid to worry.

As long as Clair and Mandy show up…and Rupert…
I predict we can expect some white knuckle show watching ahead of us.

Well, Homeland Season 4 is fucking rock and roll.

Carrie is nuts. Changed, a new mother and filled with rage and confusion, she heads back to the middle east to be station chief and dives into her work 110%.

Quinn joins her, and Saul can’t help but be there for his protege…
But she’s different now.

Her emotions are shut down.

She has become the perfect agent, and a dangerous human being.

She has tunnel vision, a new focus, when she learns that a military target and Al-Qaeda leader thought to have been killed in the bombing of a wedding she authorized where civilians died, is actually alive.

Listen, I’ve said enough, this is one of the shows that should be at the top of your “Must See” list people.

Heres a nice playlist filled to the brim with everything season 4 related…

And here is the…






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