The Podcast • Chapter 13:
The Handmaiden
Halt And Catch Fire

Just had to slide this in:

Vera Farmiga, along with Freddie Highmore & Nestor Carbonell, is INCREDIBLE as Norma Bates in one of the best television shows on the air right now:

Bates Motel

The story (so far) focuses on couple Shelby Miller (played by Lily Rabe then re-enacted by the wonderful powerhouse actress Sarah Paulson )

and her husband Matt, (André Holland and the passionate Cuba Gooding Jr. )

& Matt’s sister Lee (Adina Porter who is excellent & the magnificent Angela Bassett  ) who are tortured by Kathy Bates (I’m not feeling her in this role) in this, the sixth season of Ryan Murphy’s FX horror anthology series.

I can say this…I keep tuning in.

Update: 10/22

This show just took a radical turn, episode six is directed by Angela and it’s fantastic.All Six characters, the actual couple and sibling, and the actors that played them all go to the house to stay there for 3 nights.

The house is wired like a Big Brother house and, yup, shit goes down.

Also staring:

Denis O’Hare Wes Bentley (good name, great actor) & the my favorite of the anthology series…Evan Peters (this guy is incredible).


Oldboy: Film

Park Chan Wook | The Handmaiden



Visionary Director: Park Chan Wook


The Handmaiden

In Japanese-occupied Korea, a conman operating under the sobriquet of “Count Fujiwara” plans to seduce a Japanese heiress named Lady Hideko, then marry her and commit her to an asylum in order to steal her inheritance. He hires a pickpocket named Sook-hee from a family of con artists to become Hideko’s maid and encourage Hideko to marry him.


Oldboy and I say:

“Reach Out To Us!!!!”


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