Dumb And Dumber To
Why Jim, Why?

What Up Yo.
Do you remember when Jim Carrey ruled the world?
I guess Jim needed a new house…2015 will bring the world the sequel to the hugely successful “Dumb & Dumber”.
It’s called “Dumb & Dumber To”

Why you may ask…

I was wondering the same thing.

The answer to the question of why can be summed up in the following quote I believe, delivered by Hal Holbrook as Lou to Charlie Sheen’s Budd Fox in Oliver Stones “Wall Street”:

“Bud, the main thing about money…it makes you do things you don’t want to do.”

A little on Jim:
He grew up in Canada, and growing up…life was hard on Jim.

He and his family were homeless and dirt poor at a few points, but his talents were apparent at a very early age and he was driven.
When he got older he moved to Los Angeles and began to perfect his stand up routines in clubs around town. He became a popular regular at The Comedy Store after a few years, which is no small feat, and the industry began to take notice.
His first television network appearance was on the Johnny Carson show in 1983.
Slowly the movie roles began to come:
He made a film in 1984 called “Once Bitten” (released 1985) with Lauren Hutton.

There was “Living Color”…
Then in 1994 he offered the visual storytelling world a double shot of comedic brilliance.
He put his comedy on go-for-broke display in 1994 with a film he championed and wrote called “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective”…and it was on.
Ace Ventura- Pet Detective [width=1000-height=1500]

Later that year, “The Mask” was released…
The Mask [width=1984-height=2947]

I can clearly remember, by the time “The Mask” came out in the sumer of ’94…he had rocketed to household name status within a few months.
From comedian, to TV star, to movie star…he was just getting started.

Now, I have to say I never loved the original “Dumb & Dumber”, but I am not the majority.


It’s a beloved film, considered the pinnacle of Carrey’s comedic film accomplishments.

dumb_and_dumber_ver1 3xnkza8mz5jepijselxqxfwpjn1



To me, it was his performance in Peter Weirs “The Truman Show” that proved he was the real deal.

The Truman Show

That, and the mind-bending, genre-altering mother fucking masterwork that is Michael Gondry’s “Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind”…written by Charlie Kauffman…

That’s transparency as an actor. That, is what real actors are made of.

Between himself and Kate (I love you) Winslett dear god they made history.



Seems to me that sometime after that, Jim went off the deep end a bit.

I was rooting for him.

What about “The Cable Guy”?


This was directed by Ben Stiller….meant for Chris Farley….Then Jim took it and created something  wonderful.

I think “Man On The Moon” took something out of him.

I think he was swinging for the fences there….and the damn critics were looking for his next comedy, not realizing he was delivering the dramatic performance of his career.

5 years ago i’m browsing on Twitter and i see that he is active, speaking with fans.

I take a few minutes out to read what he is writing to them….and he, after being bashed by a few of them, has taken to playing defense. He was hollering at these fans(Hecklers?) (Via Twitter that is) telling them that he was richer then any of them would ever be…

and that he had ben dea;ing with people telling him he was crazy his whole life and proving them all wrong one by one….

It was a disturbing and naked tirade….but at the end of it….I felt horrible for him, that he been reduce to that…


He went quiet for a few minutes then said “My agent just wrote me and told me i need to stop and delete everything i ave kjust typed….”


He did.


After achieving what very few can, he began to turn in work that he once knew was beneath him.

Then i saw this….

Same old story….

Movie made, people love it, the star is on a roll and would never consider a sequel at the time of its release because he/she has too many other options.

Years pass, and the options have faded….and now this actor is accepting the roles he swore he would never do.

Troops….that is this film for Jim…

Come on man, Rise Up….

Take the reigns….



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