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Debbie Reynolds
Carrie Fisher
A Tragic Loss For The Family

Update: 1/4/2017

HBO Documentarys made a doc on Debbie Reynolds & Carrie FIsher, which was scheduled to air in March.

That has been pushed up to January 7, at 8PM

The documentary is called “Bright Lights”, trailer below:



Update: 12/28/2016
The family of Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds was dealt another blow today…as was the world.

Debbie Reynolds,  Carrie Fishers mother, had a stroke. After being rushed to the hospital she passed away 36 hours after her daughter at time of this copy.

A megastar in Hollywood, we can only assume she died of a broken heart.

I’m told her last words were either exactly or to the effect of:

 I want to be with Carrie

I cannot substantiate that information,  but it’s absolutely fucking heartbreaking and as before my heart bleeds for the family.

Send love people. Please send them all love…

This is an insane  amount of pain they’re in…


Critic’s Notebook: Debbie Reynolds Was More Than the Sum of Her Musicals

Fans around the world are reeling from the shock of losing both Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds during one 24-hour period. The mother and daughter represented two different periods in Hollywood, and older film lovers and Hollywood history buffs may find themselves particularly saddened by Reynolds’ passing: After all, she was one of the last survivors of the great era of MGM musicals.

Update: 12/27/2016

Carrie Fisher has passed away.

‪Remembering Carrie Fisher

Remembering Carrie Fisher

Author, actress, activist, THR remembers the ‘Star Wars’ princess.

Video courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter

This mother fucking year.

I was pulling for her, and from what I could tell looking at social media and the news,  I think it’s fair to say there were tens of millions of people if not more around the world pulling for her.

She had a turbulent life at times, but in the end…

Carrie went out on top.

Carrie Fisher personified the cinematic “Female Heroine” with her immortal portrayal of Princess Leia in the Star Wars film franchise.

I don’t know that she ever openly recognized that she was the quintessential female hero to her millions of adoring fans around the world.
She seemed to feel the role was more of a curse then a privilege.

But young girls around the world recognized it.
Women, men, children around the world recognized it.
And the world of cinema recognized it, was altered forever by it…
And she will be immortalized because of it.


I fucking hate writing this.


And she was a sharp off the screen as she was on.

My love and prayers go to her family…

Carrie, the world came together to pray for your recovery.

We will celebrate you forever.

We will forever love you,

Our princess.

Princess Leia

The Empire Strikes Back

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Original Post: 12/23/2016

Sending out love and prayers out to Carrie Fisher who suffered a heart attack aboard a flight from London to LA hours ago.

She stopped breathing, was revived after 10-15 minutes of CPR upon landing and was admitted to hospital in critical condition.

Carrie, you  have millions of prayers and an abundance of love being sent out to and for you right now.

We love you Carrie. Please be strong.

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