Karen Asks Me: “Did You Know Adam Driver Was A Marine?”

What Up Yo.

I dug on Adam from the second he destroyed a car radio playing a song he hated while stuck in a car with his girlfriend and her friend in the backseat, Lena Dunham & Zosia Mamet, in HBO’s Girls.

I just identified with him immediately and realized:

This dude isn’t acting. He channeling.

So when I’m half alive this morning and my wife Karen asks me:

Did you see the link I sent you?

“Growl” (that’s just what I sound like in the morning pre coffee)

Check your texts…

I do, and find this video of Adam, at a TEDTalks from December 2015.

Yep. He was.

Watch the video below, fellow Driver fans. It’s fascinating, funny and you’ll walk away respecting him even more.

Speech followed by performance of Marco Ramirez’s “I am not Batman” by Jesse J. Perez and Matt Johnson…which is remarkable.

My journey from Marine to Actor | Adam Driver

Images of Adam Driver

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