The Jerry Hauck Interview
The Soaked In Bleach Actor Talks About His Role
In The Kurt Cobain Documentary
By Bree Donovan

“Kurt Cobain was murdered, plain and simple. And I defy ANYONE to watch this film and then state otherwise.”

– Jerry Hauck

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Kurt Cobain
25 Years Gone
The Impact And Legacy

Kurt Cobain ascended the golden ladder, a ladder most will never glimpse.
He he climbed to the very top…and saw a curtain, behind which he always thought would be his salvation.
He reached over the ladder and peaked behind…
And for whatever reason…
After years of imaging the solace he might find….
Whatever Kurt saw back there…
He didn’t want to take another step after that…

He just wanted off the ladder by any means necessary.

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Soaked In Bleach
Was Kurt Cobain Murdered

“Why was he killed? Who profited? Who had the power to cover it up?”

– Oliver Stones “JFK”, 1991

“Let justice be done, though the heavens may fall.”
– William Murray,
Somersett’s Case, 1772
Justice For Kurt

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Montage Of Heck Trailer
The “Authorized” Kurt Cobain Documentary

The first 100% authorized documentary on Kurt.

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Pearl Jam • Even Flow
Nirvana • Smells Like Teen Spirit
The Videos That Launched
The Alternative Revolution

Pearl Jam & Nirvana changed the world of music in the 1990’s, beginning with 2 videos that launched the alternative music movement

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Heart Shaped Box, 1993
By Anton Corbijn – Directors Cut

The directors cut of the video Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana, Directed by Anton Corbijn

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