Soaked In Bleach
Was Kurt Cobain Murdered

“Why was he killed? Who profited? Who had the power to cover it up?”

– Oliver Stones “JFK”, 1991

“Let justice be done, though the heavens may fall.”
– William Murray,
Somersett’s Case, 1772
Justice For Kurt

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64+ TV Show Openings
Why Voices FIlm & TV Exsists

I Have Amassed 64+ Television Show Openings….I Had To Stop Myself, Because I Could Have Gone Fucking Mental Collecting These….I Mean More Than I Am Already. Anyway, This Is One Of My Favorite Posts. Drenched With High-Octane Visual Storytelling Gasoline People.
64 TV Show Opening Title Sequences & Why Voices Film & TV Exists
Drink It Up.

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An Open Letter From Dylan Farrow On Woody Allen

This Struck A Deep Chord With Me, Within Is The Letter Dylan Farrow Wrote Confronting Woody Allen…

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Voices Celebrates The Gasoline Drenched
Groundbreaking Series

Voices Celebrates Banshee

– Season 1 Review, Video & Images

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Steven Klein
Secret Project Revolution

Madonna & Steven Klein bring us a high-concept audio-visual experience. Photographed in glorious black and white, this is Secret Project Revolution.

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