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What Up Yo.

I watched “THE EAST” last night.

A few thoughts…

THE EAST is the name of an underground, radical anti big-corporation group. They target corporations and hold the people in charge accountable for creating products and making profit while directly causing the consumers and the public to suffer in some way.

I’m trying to be as vague as possible.

Brit Marling plays a woman who works for a private security firm, she gets an assignment to go in, track THE EAST down if possible, infiltrate the group & report back.

She gets inside.

She meets the “charismatic” leader of the group (isn’t he always great looking dangerous…intoxicating) played by Alexander Skarsgård.

You get the picture…and that’s the problem.

THE EAST is not Brits strongest work.

She has proven herself to be a wonderful storyteller, and I predict when she creates her masterwork down the road, she will have insane command of the craft and vastly more resources at her disposal.
I also predict it will be mind blowing.

I was hyper aware of this while watching, as she is blowing up right now. This film is the most “Hollywood” of the 3 she has made…and also the weakest. I have no doubt the connection is not a coincidence.

For those not in the know…Brit Marling not only acts but also co-writes films.

She co-wrote THE EAST along with this films director Zal Batmangli.

She also co-wrote her first two films ANOTHER EARTH & THE SOUND OF MY VOICE.

These were small independent films with HUGE ideas, fantastic “THE TWILIGHT ZONE” type ideas (my favorite kind)…and they were bad ass.

Now, the thing is…with those 2 films you didn’t see what was coming because the story’s were so fucking original.

With THE EAST, you’ve been here. You’ve seen this. Personally I didn’t feel it was realized enough…it was a potent idea, but her 2 earlier films were more daring.

Those films are great, stripped down to the essentials (story story story) and just my cup of tea. The director of this film also directed and co-wrote both this and Voice with Brit.

Also, this one has the backing of Ridley Scott and his brother, the late great Tony Scott along with a few other “I know that name” people (for us non-industry folks).

Something I’ve also noticed…the 3 films I’ve mentioned all share a common thread, Our main protagonist has a dark secret and she or he is danger of being exposed. I can only speculate as to the source of this main storytelling tool, but I won’t. Because its non of my business.
Just pointing it out.

Anyway, just my feelings. Overall I enjoyed it and respected the effort.

I was on THE EAST’s side…and I am on Brit and Zals side. I Just hope they keep it real.


I don’t believe you should ever allow a review to dissuade you from experiencing a film.

The East

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