Season II
Ed Harris
As The Man In Black • Video

What Up Yo.

Ed Harris
One of my very favorite actors, in a roll he was born to play…
The man in black, in Westworld.

HBO’s “Westworld” • Season 2 “Death” from Wes Candela on Vimeo.

Ed Harris as Death
Directed by Lisa Joy

When it comes to HBO, Jonathan Nolan, Lisa Joy and J.J. Abrams…
Disappointing storytelling is simply not in the cards.

I didn’t watch any of Westworld second season until two days ago, in time for Sunday nights 7th episode.

I have to say this series, like Game of Thrones, is a massive and dense story divided into 60–70 minute episodes for us to consume.

You can not jump in.
No newbies allowed.

You have to play the game from the beginning in order to get to the game hidden within the game.

In order for any of season two’s storyline to have any weight to it, you must first suffer the agaonizing pain of season one.

Magnificent writing, set design, costum design and performances abound here.

One of my favorite actors, Jeffrey Wright, is in absolute top form here.

Ed Harris…in the role he was born to play, simply owns each scene he’s in.

But more importantly, it’s the tremendous work done by Thandie Newton and the brilliant devilish work by Evan Rachel Wood who bring this awesome vision to life.

There is a scene here I want you to watch.
This is episode 14 or episode four season two titled “The Riddle Of The Sphinx”.
Directed by series executive producer Lisa Joy, this scene is about death.

Not just the end of life death, I mean Death. Mr. Jordan. Joe Black.

The Grim Reaper.

I can only recommend this series by writing this is high-octane gasoline people.


Westworld season 2, Episode 4: The Riddle Of The Sphinx: “Death”



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