The Walking Dead
Season 8 Video Wrap-Up

What Up Yo.

Long time no …


Well, have a new interview coming at you from the one and only Bree Donavan, where she interviewed the director of photography on the Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman series “Long Way Home”.

Long Way Round and Long Way Down

Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman’s adventures around the world

First brought to our attention by the our friend, Billy BikeTruck.

Looking forward to that.

But first,


The eighth season of The Walking Dead has completed and it was a great ride

I wrote this article originally before season eight premiere…

Before Carl got bit. Before Gabriel got sick before Negan confessed to Gabriel (one of my favorite moments)

Before the last stand before Rick cut Negans throat and told him he would remain alive… locked up for the rest of his life as an example of what happens to people who don’t comply with being fair and just

Before Carl brought Rick back with his words.

Before Eugene made the balls out coolest move I’ve ever seen from him.

And before Maggie the widow,  Jesus and Darrell decided that Rick’s rule would come to an end.

I’ve created a playlist from each of the episodes of season eight all 16 of them kick back and watch I made it for you.

The Walking Dead Season 8 Video Recap

The Walking Dead Season 8 Posters & Adverts

The Walking Dead Season 8 Key-Art:

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